Think Big, Start Small, And Plan For Success 

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Every action starts with a thought!

The one thing that separates the successful people from the rest begins with a single thought, this thought if nurtured develops into empowering habit of thinking big that will trigger them towards the achievement of their various goals. 

However, this thought over the years will face obstacles of criticism, condemnation and so on.

All this are sometimes due to unavailability of enough resources that you need to achieve the goal, and that is where starting it small comes in. Sometimes, thoughts can be so big that you will get discouraged on the move simply because it will seem impossible, don’t worry, a journey of a thousand miles always start with a step, and that first step is always the most important part of the journey, it is the step you take when you finally admit you can achieve it.

It is always good to think big, but it is always advisable to start small in our quest to achieve success. Many people had thought big in the past but failed to achieve their goals because they wait for the day they will have all the resources at their disposal. Unfortunately, we don’t always get want we want at the start.

When you think big, you start small then you plan for that great future, and that is always the ways of most successful people in the world. For instance, it is said that even the human race started with a few tribes wandering around Africa. Now, look at us!

The best way to start something is to have a passion for it; it is surprising how many big businesses started as a small business by people who were passionate about their product. 

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How to achieve your goal

1. Self-discovery

The most important and greatest discovery in life is the self-discovery!

Who are you?

I’m going to charge you to define yourself. I know you have your antecedents, analyze it and define your present life, it will help you to discover yourself for the bright (successful) future.

2. Do what you have passion for

As I said earlier, you need to have a passion for it. Microsoft was started by men who liked to play with computers; often a habit can turn itself into a business.

3. Find a perfect location 

Finding a suitable location has a lot to do with your business because there are locations that a business is destined to fail and it doesn’t matter how good your idea is. 

4. Start it small 

The key is to start small but make sure whatever you do is scalable; then as you start seeing success, you reinvest in rolling out in a bigger way. And with every step carefully taken, I can only wish you a successful journey in your quest to be big. 

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