Get Rid of Your Comfort Zone and Release Your Brain Potentials

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As long as you dare to try, the opportunity will not be ZERO; If you are in now is in a poor situation, you can’t just wait for luck, you should advance yourself by stepping out your comfort zone.

Although most people think about a better life, they just want to keep up with the Joneses. The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) states 80% of the population widely share 20% of the world’s wealth, define themselves as ordinary people, and have no access to the rich who have 80% of the world’s wealth. Why is this so? I think it is because ordinary people like mediocrity, they don’t want to take risks, they enjoy staying in their comfort zone and miss the opportunity to go upstream.

Although people want to be watched and recognized and different from others, they are more likely to adopt a moderate way to fit the society. Applying the 80/20 rule, 80% of the population are wage earners. When most of the people around you are wage earners, you naturally think that working is the major way to receive income. In particular, our parents (or the previous generation) are mostly grassroots wage earners, who regard hard work and thrift as the key means of making money and raising a family because of poor post-war living environment or lack of higher education. Although mediocre, they are all like this. Those parents put their subjective experience to the next generation. They believe that good children should also be hardworking in schools and then find high-paying and secure jobs after graduation. Compared with businessmen, wage earners have a fixed monthly salary and enjoy the comfort of stability.

The previous generation prefers a mediocre life. We can’t blame them for this passive attitude, because they devoted their own lives to overcome the bad situations in order to feed our young generation. But nowadays do you think you have the same burden?

We can live freely today than before. We have the right not to marry and not have children. If you just want a decent job, you may be afraid of failure and not willing to leave the comfort zone and challenge strange things, because you do not want to risk unforeseen.

No matter the age, there are always new successful people born, such as Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. They started from nobodies, but now they are well-known billionaires in the world.

If you have found an oasis and have enough water for your life, congratulations! You have more freedom than others, you can live with no worries in your comfort zone. But if you are eager to have a forest, many rich people will still be willing to give up the oasis in their hands and cross the desert until they find the jungle where the water is endless.

You will grow to a next level only when you jump out of the comfort zone.You have to change from the mentality first, and don’t be eager to step into the sky, breaking down your goal into tiny baby steps. As long as you step forwards, you can go very far without knowing it, and almost anything can be done.